How to Buy

So you can buy with confidence from GONQUI LIQUEURS spirit and we want to give some brief indications of how the process of buying our products.

Product Selection

  • On the left side of the screen you can see, at any time, our entire product range, grouped by categories, in a box under the title Catalog.
  • The category of "active" is underlined to show its products in the central area of the screen to select another category simply click on the name "Spirits," "Spirits," "Wine," "Products Selecctos" .. ..
  • Click on the name or image of any product of the central zone to select it and view it in detail.

Choose quantity and packaging

  • On the detail page of each product you can see the different bottled available, may also begin the process of purchase, stating the quantities of bottles or boxes you want.

Review articles of the virtual shopping cart

  • When you click "Add to shopping cart" is added to the virtual shopping cart quantity and packaging you said. You can continue adding as many products as you want, everyone will accumulate in your cart.
  • You can view the contents of your cart at any time, look for it on the right side of the screen in the box shopping cart, plus if you click on the title of this table can delete any product or modify an amount of products previously indicated.
  • Once you have in your cart all the products you buy you can proceed with the purchase process by pressing the "BUY".
  • You can temporarily save your shopping cart in a shopping list, to continue later with the selection of products before ordering. For this click on the link at the bottom of the basket "Keep the basket in the current shopping list"

Place order

  • Once you press the "Buy" button, if you have not done before you are asked to identify himself, if no user account with us you must complete the registration form that will appear below.
  • You must be registered and have over 18 years to make the order.
  • The next step is to select the shipping address can have multiple shipping addresses configured from the management screen of your account. Click the "Next" to continue.
  • Finally check the details of your order, products, quantities and packaging, plus shipping addresses and billing.
  • To expedite the request should check the checkbox "I accept the Terms." Click the "CHECKOUT" to finish.

Payment Order

  • To make the payment order shall be made by bank transfer the total amount of the order to the bank account:
  • Account Number: 0075 5878 94 0600009209
  • Entity: CASTILLA
  • Address: Plaza de España, 9 MELGAR OF FERNAMENTAL
  • It is imperative that the transfer to include the concept of number order. The order number is displayed on the confirmation screen to complete the request in the email that is sent to your e-mail or the information accessible by a request from your user account.


  • Your order will be sent carriage paid within a period not exceeding seven (7) days from the date on which you make payment by bank transfer thereof.

Representations, warranties and refunds

In case of complaint, or processing of warranty returns must contact us as soon as possible. You can contact us via the web store by filling out the form or contact our customer service:

Offices and Customer Service
C / Calvario, 5
34468 Lantadilla (Palencia)

Phone and Fax
+34 979 152 074


See Terms and Conditions for more information about this item.