Eau-de-vie Pagos de Osornillo (Box 3 bot.)

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Wooden box with 3 bottles of 50 cl. + 2 cup.


ELABORATION: Its is a clear Brandy product from the distillation of choice grapes from our wine-growing region. Distilled with great care and aged in casks of American Oak, Limousin and Allier for 3 years. Subsequently a 30 day coupage is conducted and then bottled.


TASTING: It is an Eau-de-vie brandy that due to its aging process, we have achieved a perfect harmony between its alcoholic content and the aroma characteristic of the different oaks, to the delight and admiration of the most exquisite tasters.


TEMPERATURE OF CONSUMPTION: Keep at room temperature, 12º to 14º, and serve in a balloon glass.


RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: This delicious, drink is the perfect companion after a good meal. We are confident it will take a long time for you to forget it.

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