Terms and Conditions



To place a order at GONQUI.COM online store you must be registered at the website and be 18 years or older.

All orders accepted by A. GONZÁLEZ QUIJADA S.L. CIF B34129098 (AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI) are subject to the following Terms and Conditions which shall form part of the Contract of Sale. Acceptance of goods implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

No trade agent or representative of AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI has the authority to vary these conditions unless with written permission from A. GONZÁLEZ QUIJADA S.L.



All prices on this website include VAT

Prices are valid for mainland and Balearic Isles and are only valid for present year, unless there is a increase in excise duty. (See Canarias)

Minimum order: 100€.

Shipment costs already included.

AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI reserves the right to vary the price of goods without notice according to market conditions.



AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI will use its best resources to meet the agreed delivery dates, but they will be taken as approximate only and therefore not affect the nature of this contract. If a product is not available at the time you place the order, it will be sent as soon as possible.



All products remain the property of AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI until it is satisfied the full payment amount.



In the event that the shipment does not arrive in perfect condition or that there has been an error on the part of AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI, the customer may ask the product to be returned and resent with no additional cost or ask for a refund of the total amount of the purchase, once the product is returned to our facilities and the issue has been confirmed.

No damage liability will be accepted (including damage caused during transport), or claims of products that differ in quantity or specifications from those placed in your order, unless the buyer notifies the courier agent at the time of the receipt. After this you also should contact with AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI via e-mail and / or phone. In this case, AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI will contact with the courier service so the damaged goods will be replaced at no additional charge to the customer.



Orders are shipped through a courier service (TXT), which guarantees delivery within a period of 4 to 7 days from its receipt at the premises of AGUARDIENTES Y LICORES GONQUI, once the customer has paid the full amount of the order.